Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains
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Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains
Early settlers looked at the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains as a money making region. Many settlers began mining and using the trees as lumber. After some time, the federal government purchased the Georgia mountain land. The Chattahoochee National Forest was opened in place of the desecration of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains.

Today the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains are known as the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many people in the Southeastern region begin a Blue Ridge Mountain excursion in North Georgia. The Georgia Mountain Parkway slithers through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The parkway leads families on a mountain vacation to hiking trails and other outdoor fun activities, as well as restaurants and places to stay overnight.

There are many reasons why you should begin your Blue Ridge Mountain vacation in North Georgia. In the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains, the weather is the most pleasing. Winter brings evenings with cooler temperatures, and days with the highs at a  crisp 50 degrees. The summers are warm enough to enjoy the streams and lakes in the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains offer fun outdoor opportunities, rustic and luxury lodging, shopping and fine dining. People interested in a Blue Ridge Mountain vacation should begin their adventure in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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